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Rori Sassoon respected marriage expert

A Master of Love, Matchmaking, and the Art of Marriage Introduction Rori Sassoon is a name that has become synonymous with love, marriage, and the gift of bringing people together. With a strong passion for helping individuals find their perfect partners, Rori has made a name for herself as a leading matchmaker, relationship expert, and co-founder of Platinum Poire, an exclusive matchmaking service. Rori's genuine approach, combined with her dedication to helping others find joy in love and marriage, has helped her make a positive impact on countless lives. This article aims to celebrate Rori Sassoon's work and the unique insight she brings to the world of love and relationships. Rori's Journey Rori Sassoon's journey into the world of love and marriage began at a young age. Raised in a family that valued the importance of strong relationships, Rori was taught the art of marriage from her parents. Her mother, a wise woman who believed that marriage should be